Top Poe raise spectre best monster

poe raise spectre best monster

In Path of Exile (PoE), players can summon the corpses of slain adversaries as spectral companions by using the potent ability Raise Spectre. These spectres are fierce allies in combat because they have retained the traits and skills of the original monsters. Selecting the appropriate spectres is essential for summoners, especially necromancers, since it maximises damage output and survivability.

Significance in Construction

Because of its strength and adaptability, Raise Spectre is a crucial component of many summoner compositions. Your entire performance can be greatly impacted by how well your spectres work, especially when it comes to end-game stuff like boss fights, mapping, and the Hall of Grandmasters. Thus, optimising your build’s potential requires knowing which monsters to raise as spectres.

Selection Criteria for the Optimal Spectres Damage Output

The damage output of spectres is one of the most crucial considerations when choosing them. High damage-skilled spectres can significantly increase your boss-killing effectiveness and clear speed.


Survival is still another important factor. Spectres that are resilient to powerful blows and persistent in fierce combat guarantee that your main damage dealer survives all engagements.


Additional advantages like crowd control, debuffs, and boosts can be obtained via utility spectres. These spectres improve your party’s performance by covering the battlefield with additional layers of control and support.


Flexible spectres work well in a variety of scenarios, from dispatching formidable bosses to clearing out dense groups of enemies. Possessing a flexible group of spectres allows you to adjust to various game challenges.

The Greatest Spectres in the Exile Sunscreens

Why Use Solar Defences?

Due to their strong fire projectiles that inflict significant AoE (Area of Effect) damage, Solar Guards are a well-liked option. They are perfect for mapping because their assaults can effectively eliminate big groups of foes.

Competencies and Capabilities

The two main attacks available to Solar Guards are the long-range fireball and the beam assault. Few foes will be able to evade their onslaught because of the superior damage and coverage that both talents offer.

Drivers of Slaves

Why Do Slave Drivers Do This?

Slave Drivers are known for having lightning-based attacks, which give them a high DPS (Damage Per Second). They are a versatile option because they are good at both doing single-target damage and dispatching packs of enemies.

Competencies and Capabilities

Their primary weapon is a lightning whip, which consistently causes a lot of damage. Support gems can be used to improve this ability even more, making Slave Drivers extremely powerful.

Sentinels of Frost

The Frost Sentinels: Why?

Frost Sentinels are the best choice because of their cold-based attacks, which not only do a lot of damage but also control crowds by freezing and chilling foes. Meetings may become easier to handle with this additional tool.

Competencies and Capabilities

Frost Sentinels puncture opponents with a missile that resembles a frostbolt. This attack does damage and exerts control over opponents by slowing them down and even freezing them.

Chieftains of Carnage

The Carnage Chieftains: Why?

A great support spectre, Carnage Chieftains give the player and their minions with Frenzy Charges. The attack and cast speeds are accelerated by these charges, greatly increasing DPS overall.

Competencies and Capabilities

Their main weapon is a warcry that gives teammates Frenzy Charges. This support skill is quite helpful in keeping your DPS high throughout extended battles.

Chieftains, the host

Why Take in Chieftains?

Host Chieftains are support spectres that produce Power Charges, just like Carnage Chieftains. Power Charges raise the likelihood of a critical strike, increasing the player’s and their spectres’ capacity for damage.

Competencies and Capabilities

A warcry used by Host Chieftains bestows Power Charges. This ability works effectively in combo builds where damage output is mostly derived from critical strikes.

How to Get and Grow the Greatest Spectres of poe raise spectre best monster

Locating the Appropriate Monsters

You must locate the appropriate monsters in the game world in order to raise the best spectres. Act 8 contains Solar Guards, for example, but Act 5 contains Slave Drivers. Getting these monsters as spectres starts with knowing where to find them.

Making Use of Desecrate

The skill Desecrate leaves an area of dead bodies on the ground. You can use this skill to call forth the corpses of certain monsters, even ones you wish to become spectres. You can create the corpses of the spectres you want by casting Desecrate in the right places.

Elevating the Spectres

Use the Raise Spectre skill to summon the corpses once they are accessible. It’s crucial to remember that the spectres you summon will have levels determined by the Raise Spectre gem you have. Stronger spectres are the product of higher-level gems.

Providing for Your Spectres

Your spectres’ skills are greatly enhanced by the use of support gems. Gems like Elemental Focus, Minion Damage, and Spell Echo can greatly increase the damage output and potency of your spectres. You may determine the best configuration for your build by experimenting with various support gem combinations.

Advice for Spectre Build Optimisation of poe raise spectre best monster:

Striking a Balance Between Offence and Defence

Even though it can be tempting to concentrate only on offensive players, a more balanced and durable construct can be achieved by integrating defence and utility players in your lineup. This equilibrium guarantees that you can manage a range of circumstances with efficacy.

Attachments and Passive Skill Tree

Your spectre build should be enhanced by your passive skill tree and equipment. Your spectres will work best with items that increase minion damage, survivability, and support capabilities. To fortify your ghostly army even more, you should invest in passive skills that increase minion health, damage, and resistances.

Continual Updates

Path of Exile’s creators regularly update the game, adding new enemies and balancing the ones that already exist. By keeping up with these revisions, you can make sure that your strategy and spectrum selections reflect the most recent meta.

Typical Problems and Their Fixes

Maintaining Spectres’ Lives

Keeping your spectres alive during difficult encounters is a regular difficulty. Purchasing equipment and passive abilities that increase minion resistances and life can be beneficial. Support spectres like Carnage and Host Chieftains can also be used to apply buffs that increase survival.

Handling Particular Boss Mechanics

Path of Exile bosses have certain mechanics that can swiftly destroy spectres. It’s critical to understand these fundamentals and modify your playstyle accordingly. One method to reduce the risk is to place your spectres away from potentially hazardous regions and use talents like Convocation to move them.

Controlling Corpse Availability

It can be difficult to locate the appropriate dead to raise as spectres in some places. To make sure you have access to the corpses you need, place Desecrate in strategic spots or carry a map with the appropriate monster categories.

Common Questions Regarding Raise Spectre

Which spectres work best for end-game content?

Well-liked options include Carnage Chieftains for support, Slave Drivers for strong single-target DPS, and Solar Guards for AoE damage.

What is the best way to raise my spectres level?

Your spectres’ level is based on the level of your Raise Spectre gem. Stronger spectres can be summoned by using a higher-level gem.

Can I utilise more than one kind of spectrum at once?

It is possible to combine offensive, defensive, and support skills to build a balanced team by mixing and matching different spectrums.

What kind of support gems are best for my spectres?

Spell Echo, Elemental Focus, and Minion Damage are good support gems. Trying out various combinations can help you optimise your build.

How can I maintain my spectres throughout difficult encounters?

You may prolong the life of your spectres by employing defensive spectres, controlling placement, and making investments in minion health and resistance equipment.

Where can I locate particular monsters to raise into spectres?

It’s important to know where desired monsters, such Solar Guards in Act 8 or Slave Drivers in Act 5, are located. You can get the necessary corpses by using Desecrate in these regions.

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